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  • C++11 - Threading Made Easy

    C++11 now has threading support built into the standard library. I describe the new features and provide some sample code illustrating their use.
  • C++11: Range-based for and auto

    I test drive two new C++ features, the range-based for statement and the auto declaration, taking advantage of the C++ 11 support in Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio 11 and Modern C++

    I test drive the new lambda function feature of C++11 using Visual Studio. This article includes some description of what a lambda function is and how they are used in Modern C++.
  • C++ - Where's the Hate?

    The number of people trashing C++ seems to be going down. I'm not sure why.
  • Streambuf Iterators Are a Big Help

    Another look at the question of whether to implement data compression in C++ via iostreams or iterators. This article discusses a way around problems with the insertion and extraction operators.
  • I'm In the Money

    It looks like all my long years of studying data compression might be ready to pay off. Either that or a recent email I received is a scam!
  • Mark's Travel Guide to New Zealand

    I talk about a recent trip I took to New Zealand, and point you to some photos.
  • A Visit With Tim Bell

    I got a chance to talk to Tim Bell, a long-time contributor to the data compression world.
  • Streams or Iterators?

    I ask the question of whether C++ compression programs should perform I/O via iostream or iterator interfaces.
  • Automating PuTTY

    Windows users who need a command line connection to another system via telnet or SSH are big fans of PuTTY. I develop some C++ wrapper code that lets you drive PuTTY programatically.
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