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  • Hiding Data in the Filesystem

    You can try to beat a compression challenge by hiding data in the filesystem itself - inadvertently or not. I give an example of how one might do that here.
  • Data Compression With Arithmetic Coding

    This article describes the use of arithmetic coding in data compression, illustrated with C++ source. (This is an update to my 1991 article.)
  • Highlights of ISO C++14

    The C++14 standard has been ratified, I walk through some of the new features that have been added to the language. These include return type deduction, generic lambdas, initialized lambda captures, binary literals, digit separators, and the deprecated attribute.
  • C++ Generic Programming Meest OOP - std::is_base_of

    New C++ features such as the is_base_of template help bridge the gap between OOP and template programming. I explain how this works and provide some sample C++ code that helps with bit-oriented I/O, a common task in the world of data compression.
  • Debugging Windows Services Startup Problems

    Debugging Windows services is problematic. It's even more difficult to debug them when they have startup issues. I provide some C++ code that helps you through the process.
  • My Big Company Code Interview

    I get an interview call from a tech giant which includes an online coding test of my C++ skills.
  • One Definition to Rule Them All

    A frequently cited rule in the C++ standard is the One Definition Rule. In this article, I'll show you how I inadvertently blundered into an ODR problem, found my way out, and uncovered a deeper truth about the language standard.
  • How I Spent My Last Few Weeks

    RackMaster is a free wordplay training program that gives you a fresh puzzle every day. Your goal is to make the best scores out of five racks of letters, using the scoring rules from games like Scrabble and Words for Friends.
  • The Random Compression Challenge Turns Ten

    I revisit my random data compression challenge after ten years with no winners. Compressing the million digits created by the RAND think tank could be an impossible task.
  • C++11: unique_ptr<T>

    I take a look at the new unique_ptr<> template that's been added to C++. This finally makes it safe to store smart pointers in a container.
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