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  • Sendmail on Linux - the Easy Way

    Linux and Unix have had email baked into their DNA since the beginning of time, but getting it to work out of the box is not necessarily a simple task. I give a demo on one way to go about it.
  • VC++ 10 Hash Table Performance Problems

    Microsoft's C++ implementation is most excellent, but they do have a few bugs. Using the hash containers in debug builds turns out to be almost unusable.
  • LZW Data Compression Revisited

    This article tells you how the LZW data compression algorithm works, then describes the C++ sample code that I use to implement the algorithm. I'll walk you through the use of the algorithm with a few varieties of I/O. Finally, I'll show you some benchmarks. (This is an update to my 1989 article on the same topic.)
  • DNS Service Discovery On Windows

    DNS Service Discovery on Windows depends on the Apple Bonjour SDK. I provide a reference C++ application that shows you how to use it.
  • DNS Service Discovery

    My recent project, Cisco OnPlus, depends heavily on DNS Service Discovery. I'll show you some ways we use it with scripting tools on a Linux host.
  • Hash Functions for C++ Unordered Containers

    This article shows you how to implment hashing functions for the C++ unorderered_map and unordered_set containers. The details on how to do this are not well-documented and can prove daunting for beginners.
  • GCC Tries to Help - With Mixed Results

    The gcc C compiler works hard to enforce type safety in places where it is a bit difficult, which is helpful but sometimes can cause problems.
  • More on Sending Mail With Linux - Postfix Tweaks and Mailjet

    More information on setting up an SMTP server so postfix can send mail from your Linux system. This article adds a few tips that might help you get through some rough spots in the whole process.
  • My Dell XPS Notebook Experience

    Getting a new computer can be interesting. My recent purchase of a Dell XPS notebook came with a few problems that I didn't anticipate.
  • Stranger In a Strange Land: A C++ Programmer Learns to Love PHP

    This article describes some of the pitfalls that a lifelong C and C++ programmer encounters when switching to PHP.
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