For the last few months I’ve been up to my eyeballs in algorithms - school, work, writing, you name it.

In honor of the often puzzling topics I’ve been working on, here’s a little crossword with an algorithms theme.

Note: at one time I published this crossword using a Java applet. That applet may or may not work, so I recommend just downloading the PDF. Java in the browser has become a bit of a hassle.

The java applet that lets you solve online has a bit of lameness, but it’s not mine and so it’s kind of out of my hands. I’d love to have a higher quality engine, but the free choices are limited. In particular, there doesn’t appear to be a free javascript crossword engine for the taking, so I’m stuck with Java, as are you.

But if you don’t like Java, and you still like puzzles, just download the PDF, print it out, and enjoy.

Algorithms - by Mark Nelson - 0001