Hi loyal readers,

I’m doing a little background research for an article on music downloads, and as a result, need some people to fill out a survey.

The goal of the survey is to get a little background on people’s attitudes, plus a comparison of differences in attitudes between old people (me) and young people (?).

The survey is super-simple, 4 pages that should take no more than 3 minutes. If you’re interested in helping, the best of all possible worlds would be for you to fill it out completely, and if you ‘re over 25, strong-arm some under-25 type, like your kid, into filling it out as well.

Note: It might not be obvious, but this survey is long closed. I’ve left the link here for historical accuracy only.

The survey is here. A free survey on SurveyMonkey is limited to 100 respondents, so if it tells you to buzz off, that might mean I’ve got all the feedback I can afford.