I enjoyed getting an additional 1.57% discount on my amazon.com purchases for the small work of using A9.com once or twice a day. No need to use the toolbar or anything like that, just use A9.com from your Amazon.com account while logged in.

Well, it seems that paying people to use your search engine doesn’t pay that well. Without any sort of notification, my A9 discount button disappeared from my Amazon home page. A little digging turned up this note , which includes the sad news:

We have discontinued the A9 Instant Reward program, and the A9 Toolbar and personalized services such as history, bookmarks, and diary. To get help uninstalling your A9 Toolbar, visit toolbar.a9.com. We have also discontinued A9 Maps and the A9 Yellow Pages (including BlockView)

How soon before A9.com itself is discontinued? I have to be honest, the only reason I used it was to get the 1.57% discount. Considering the amount of money I spent every month at Amazon, it was worth it.

Google abides.