Developing Cisco IP Phone Services : A Cisco AVVID Solution
by Mark Nelson, Darrick Deel, and Anne Smith
Cisco Press, February 2002
ISBN 1-58705-060-9
288 pages.
List price in the US is $55


Create applications that deliver interactive content to Cisco IP Phones

  • Learn information and techniques vital to building and integrating third-party services for Cisco IP Phones.
  • Understand the development process using XML and HTTP client and server applications to successfully build a service.
  • Discover advanced services information about objects, advanced runtime generation, and other XML development tools.
  • Utilize the provided CallManager Simulator to support an IP phone for development purposes.
  • Get the most out of your IP phone systems with strategies and solutions direct from the Cisco team

Services on Cisco IP Phones help you enhance productivity, gain the competitive advantage, and even help generate revenue. Services are simply applications that run on the phone rather than on a PC or a web browser. By developing services tailored to your particular needs, you can achieve unlimited goals.

Cisco AVVID IP Telephony provides an end-to-end voice-over-IP solution for enterprises. Part of that solution are Cisco IP Phones, a family of IP-based phones. Cisco IP Phones feature a large display, an XML micro browser capable of retrieving content from web servers, and the ability to deploy custom services tailored to your organization’s or enterprise’s needs.

Developing Cisco IP Phone Services uses detailed code samples to explain the tools and processes used to develop custom phone services. You’ll learn about XML, CallManager, Cisco IP Phones, and the history behind why Cisco chose XML to deploy phone services. You’ll find detailed information to help you learn how to build a service, how to build a directory, and how to integrate your service with Cisco CallManager.

This book complements and expands on the information provided in the Cisco IP Phone Services Software Developer’s Kit (SDK). With the information in this book, you can maximize your productivity using the tools provided in the SDK and the custom tools provided on the companion CD-ROM. Beginner and advanced service developers alike benefit from the information in this book. Developing Cisco IP Phone Services represents the most comprehensive resource available for developing services for Cisco IP Phones.

The CD-ROM contains the sample services that are covered in the book, development utilities from the Cisco IP Phone Services SDK, and new tools written specifically for this book such as XML Validator. One of the most useful applications on the CD-ROM is the CallManager Simulator (CM-Sim). CM-Sim significantly lowers the requirements for service development. You only need a Windows-based PC with CM-Sim and a web server running, and one Cisco IP Phone 7940 or 7960.

This book is part of the Cisco Press Networking Technologies Series, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.


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