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  • Sapir-Whorf to Dijkstra to Torvalds - Language Bigotry In Our Time

    I examine the famous Linus Torvalds rant on C programmers.
  • Cruelty Redefined: Undergraduates vs. C++ on Linux

    I teach a summer class that is advertised as bringing students up to speed on C++ and Linux. It's probably a bit more than is reasonable.
  • Euler Problem 328

    Euler problem 328 challenges you to find the optimal strategy for a unique number guessing game. I work it out with some C++ code, but not after investing a ton of time.
  • A Big Problem That Doesn't Need a Bignum

    An addendum to my work modeling the k-consecutive heads coin toss problem. I put the math calculating this type of probability to bed once and for all.
  • Ken Olsen, RIP

    Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, died Sunday, February 6 at the age of 84.
  • Gawker Considered Stupid - Criminally Stupid

    Yes, we need federal laws banning the storage of passwords on more or less all IT systems in the world. The recent break-in of the Gawker user database makes this point more clearly than anything I can say, but that won't stop me from trying.
  • 20 Heads In a Row - What Are the Odds?

    An attempt to correct the New York Times on a probability question leads to some interesting discoveries, including shortcomings in my math calculations. Another look at tossing a coin a million times.
  • Combinatorial Data Compression

    An explanation of how using combinatorial math doesn't help you with data compression. Information gets moved around, but is neither created nor destroyed.
  • Google Is a Scary Lifeline

    Using Google Voice for your personal phone number has some nice features, but you run a bit of a risk when it comes to support.
  • Dealing With Internet Content Ripoff Artists

    The process of taking down illegal copies of my content found around the web. The DMCA provides a pretty good framework that works on most sites.
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