Serial Communications:
A C++ Developer’s Guide,
1st Edition

by Mark Nelson
M&T Books,1992
ISBN 1-55851-281-0
662 pages.
List price in the US is $44.95


This book was superseded by the second edition in May, 2000. Although the second edition is out of print, you can find copies from time to to time on If you purchase this or some other book after clicking through the link to the right, you’ll help me keep this web site up and running with the few pennies I skim from your purchase. Thanks!  

“…an excellent general reference for modern serial communications packages.” – Jim Kyle, Windows Tech Journal

Mark’s new book on serial port programming is fabulous…”- Jeff Duntemann, PC Techniques

For beginning and advanced C programmers, this book is a comprehensive reference guide to writing flexible serial communications applications for the PC. In the past, C programmers developing for RS-232 hardware were tied to a single platform. Any change in one of several variables, such as the CPU, the operating system, the C compiler, or the type of serial interface used, required an extensive rewrite of the program.

Now in Serial Communications: A C++ Developer’s Guide Mark Nelson shows you how to write portable applications using C++ to avoid the limitations of serial programming. A hands-on guide to mastering object-oriented techniques in writing software for modems, BBS’s, and other communications systems, this book covers the latest C++ compilers from Microsoft, Borland, and Symantec. The disk includes extensive C and C++ source code.

Topics include:

  • Writing communications programs that are easily portable between different operating systems and hardware platforms.
  • Accessing modems or other serial devices across networks.
  • Using standard and intelligent multiport boards.
  • Implementation of file transfer formats such as XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, and Kermit.
  • Interfacing with the latest high-speed modems at data rates of 9600 bps and higher.

Need to add serial communications to your application?

If you have a need for Serial Communications software, but don’t feel like doing it yourself, you might want to look into the C and C++ communications libraries available from Greenleaf Software. If you want to use the code from the book in your own application, look into my liberal code use policy.